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Conservancy, слайд 1

Gazprom company

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Conservancy, слайд 2

Many people think that they can’t solve the world’s environmental problems on their own and that the government and big companies must care about these problems.

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Conservancy, слайд 3

Northern nature is very fragile and delicate, and it regrows extremely slowly.

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Conservancy, слайд 4

That’s why this company pays closest attention to nature preservation during all work
Any, even minimal complaint by the ecology organization is looked upon as serious and is immediately investigated on the highest level

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Conservancy, слайд 5

In our company, a special ecology program is put into place which minds the requirements of Russian and international standards in the area of nature preservation and rational use of natural resources and uses the new discoveries of science and technology

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Conservancy, слайд 6

Gazprom try to lower the negative ecological consequences by ensuring the safety and accident-free work of our machines and mechanisms, prophylactic measures on our sites

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Conservancy, слайд 7

Company have technologies to make our planet cleaner: it can control pollution, recycle, protect animals and install antipollution equipment.
I strongly feel that the more money is invested in ecology projects, the better our lives are going to be.

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Conservancy, слайд 8

We need more disaster-prevention programs in order to control environmental pollution, fight the destruction of wildlife and preserve woodlands. There should be more local organizations that will help protect the animal world and stop environmental degradation.

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Conservancy, слайд 9

Organization can influence public opinion and help form a correct attitude to nature. There should be more newspaper articles, TV-programs and science-popular films about ecological problems.

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Conservancy, слайд 10

I’m sure that nature can’t do without our help. If we want to breathe fresh air, to drink clean water and to eat healthy food, we must stop polluting the environment.

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