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ARCHITECTURE it is a system of buildings and structures, forming the spatial the environment of people (for life, work and rest, culture and communication)

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The role of the construction is to erect a structure The role of architecture is to evoke aesthetic emotion... Le Corbusier

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Architect (from the Greek. αρχι- (main, chief) igrec. τέκτων (carpenter, Builder) — "the master Builder") is a qualified person who on a professional basis carries out architectural design (organization of the architectural environment).
M. Kazakov, Rastrelli, L. Bernini, A. Gaudi, A. Voronikhin, Le Corbusier,A. Gaudi, A. Shchusev...

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Before the XVII century in Russia was talking "ward master", "the stone master", "carpenter master" Carpenter ("the raft"- a bunch of logs) The architect ("sid" – clay)
Peter I

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The architecture of public buildings
public residential industrial

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Landscape architecture
of landscape architecture of small forms

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Urban planning
New facilities in the city of Saransk

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