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Reported Speech
by Andreeva EV English teacher Gymnasium № 1 Komsomolsk-na-Amure

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Дидактический материал «Reported Speech», слайд 2

Practice Reported Statements Ex.1 (Настоящее время в главном предл.)
Robert says, “ The film is funny.” “I am starting a new job next week,” she says. Bob says to Mum, “I don`t like this jacket.” “I may come late tonight,” her sister says. Manager says, “ I will phone them tomorrow.” Father explains,“It is late to go shopping.”

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Дидактический материал «Reported Speech», слайд 3

Reported Statements. Ex.2
Jack told the policeman, “I have lost my passport.” Henry said to me, “I didn`t take your car.” Mary said, “I don`t wear my old dress.” My friend told me, “We have a lot of time.” I said to my sister, “George has written me a long letter.” Kate said to me, “I feel very bad.’’

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Дидактический материал «Reported Speech», слайд 4

Practice Reported commands.Ex.3
“Come to me at 7 p.m.,” she said to Ann. “Read the text once more,” the teacher advised. He offered, “Take my pen. It is OK.” “Help me, please,” the girl asked. Mother asked Kate, “Don`t see this film.” Jane asked his brother, “Bring me a book.”

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Дидактический материал «Reported Speech», слайд 5

Reported Commands. Ex.4
I said to Jack, “Please give me your book.” Mary said to her secretary, “Take the letter to the Post office, please.” The teacher said to Tom, “Collect the papers and put them on my table”. Grandpa said to the girl, “Don`t run across the street.” Jack said to the policeman, “Tell me the time, please.” My friend said,”Wait for me at the cinema, please”.

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Дидактический материал «Reported Speech», слайд 6

Practice Reported Questions. Ex.5
asked, wanted to know, wondered The boy – mother, “Can you do sums?” Teacher – pupils, “ Are you ready for the lesson?” Arthur – Kate, “Do you always do your Maths yourself?” I – my friend, “Would you like to see this film?” Doctor - the patient, “Have you taken the medicine I gave you?” The boy – a teacher, “May I open the window?

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Дидактический материал «Reported Speech», слайд 7

Practice Special Questions. Ex.6
I asked my friend, ”How do you feel after holidays?” Ann asked Mary, “What do you usually have for breakfast?” The teacher asked Bob, “When did you learn to swim?” I asked her, ‘Who gave you this watch?” I asked Tim, “Why didn`t you answer my letter?’ I asked him, “What are you looking at?”

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