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Happy Halloween, слайд 1


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Happy Halloween, слайд 2

Halloween is a special ghost festival. It happens on the night of 31 October. People wear special clothes at Halloween. They tell ghost stories and play games.

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Happy Halloween, слайд 3

Symbols for Halloween

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Happy Halloween, слайд 4

Listen and repeat
a pumpkin a spider
a ghost a black cat
A witch a mummy
a monster a skeleton
a vampire a haunted house
a bat Trick or treat

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Happy Halloween, слайд 5

Find « Halloween » words
k g t e v m m o o n
m o n s t e r m w t
m u p a r t y u i r
s d o y e b e m t i
c a t g a a d m c c
f a r q t t o y h k
b o o e l g h o s t

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Happy Halloween, слайд 6

The Key
k g t e v m m o o n
m o n s t e r m w t
m u p a r t y u i r
s d o y e b e m t i
c a t g a a d m c c
f a r q t t o y h k
b o o e l g h o s t

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Happy Halloween, слайд 7

Halloween is very popular in many English-speaking countries. Children visit the houses of their neighbours. They wear strange costumes and say 'trick or treat? The neighbour then gives them a 'treat' or something nice. This could be a sweet or an apple.

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Happy Halloween, слайд 8


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Happy Halloween, слайд 9

The Jack--o'-lantern is a popular part of Halloween. This is a pumpkin with a face carved out. Inside the pumpkin there is a candle. The candle is to frighten the witches away.

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Happy Halloween, слайд 10

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Happy Halloween, слайд 11

Another tradition is a special Halloween cake. This has a silver coin inside. When the cake is cut, someone finds the coin in one of the pieces. This person will become rich.

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Happy Halloween, слайд 12

Today Halloween is a fun festival. But in the past it was very frightening. People called it 'The night of the flying witches.' They thought these witches could do terrible magic. They lit fires to frighten them.

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Happy Halloween, слайд 13

Let’s watch a video!

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Happy Halloween, слайд 14

Answer these questions
1) Какие символы Хэллуина вы увидели? 2) Сколько скелетов говорило «Выкуп или жизнь!»? 3) Сколько пауков было у дома? 4) Самый популярный овощ праздника? 5) Как украшают дома в США в этот праздник? 6) Празднуют ли Хэллуин в Национальном зоопарке? Как?

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Happy Halloween, слайд 15

Let’s play Halloween games!
Eyeball Relay; Spider Web; Mummy Wrap; Balloon Sweep. GOOD LUCK!

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Happy Halloween, слайд 16

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Happy Halloween, слайд 17

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