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Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 1

Урок-презентация по английскому языку в 4-6 классах.
Тема: Pets

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Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 2

Слова и выражения к теме:
get – брать should – должен take care – заботиться feed – кормить cure – лечить spend – тратить as for me – что касается меня glad – рад(а) take for a walk – гулять clever – умный understand – понимать besides – кроме того hamster – хомяк turtle – черепаха parrot - попугай

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Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 3

Прочитай стих и переведи его:
I bought a pretty cat. My cat pleased me. I fed my cat under that old tree. I bought a pretty duck. My duck pleased me. I fed my duck under that old tree. My duck says quack,quack. I bought a pretty goose. My goose pleased me. I fed my goose under that old tree. My goose says gaggle,gaggle. My duck says quack,quack.

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Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 4

Прочитай диалог девочек:
Hi,Olga! Hello,Kate! Where are you going to? I’m going home. What do you have in this basket? It’s a kitten. Oh,really?! May I have a look at it? Yes,sure. What a nice kitten!It’s red,isn’t it? Yes,it is. Is it big? No,it is not.I’m going to give my kitten fish and milk and it will be big. And do you have a pet? Yes,I have a dog.It’s big.I love my dog and he loves me too.And now it’s time for me to take him for a walk. Good bye!

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Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 5

Прочитай и переведи текст.
My pet Many people like to have a pet at home.Most people get a cat or a dog as a pet.Some people have a hamster,a parrot,a canary.Some have a turtle or fish.If you have a pet,you should take good care of it.You have to feed your pet,to play with it,to take it for a walk and sometimes to cure it.If you don’t want to spend much time,get a turtle or fish.But if you really like animals,you get a cat or a dog. As for me,I have a dog as a pet.My dog’s name is Betty.She is not very big.She is grey and white.When I come home she is very glad,she runs to me and jumps.I take my dog for a walk every day.I like to play with Betty.We usually play ball.Betty is a very clever dog.She can understand many words.She likes meat and milk,besides she likes sweets and ice-cream very much.I love my dog and she loves me too.

Слайд 6

Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 6

Ответь на вопросы:
What pets do people have at home? What should you do if you have a pet? Why do some people get a turtle or fish? What is the dog’s name? What does she look like? How does Betty show her love for the master? Why is she very clever? What food does Betty like?

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Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 7

Прочитай текст,заполни таблицу и ответь на вопросы.
The three cats Jane is an English girl.She lives in the country.Jane has three pets.She likes them very much.They are cats.Their names are Sooty,Smoky and Tiger. One is white,one is black and one is black and white. The name of the white cat is not Sooty.Sooty is not black and white,and Tiger is not black and white. What colour is Sooty? 2) What is the name of the black and white cat? 3) What colour is Tiger?
Cat’s colour Cat’s name white black and white black
Sooty Smoky Tiger

Слайд 8

Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 8

По этой схеме составь рассказ о своём питомце
I have a dog as a pet. cat parrot My pet’s name is … My pet is big little My pet is white My pet likes meat black fish grey milk yellow. sweets.

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Урок-презентация по теме «Pets», слайд 9

We love our pets and they love us too!
We are always there for our pets and our pets are always there for us too!