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Spain, слайд 1

Savilova Catherine <1V>

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Spain, слайд 2

There's far edge, which I love to watch movies, read articles in magazines, flip through photo galleries on the Internet. Is Spain. Country of kings and knights, Gypsies and sailors, Gothic buildings

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Spain, слайд 3

Spain surprises with its architecture and unique character of cities, colorful national costumes. I wonder the beauty of the proud Spaniard, and Spanish. The spirit of this nation was tempered in battles, in battles for the king, in the pursuit of justice

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Spain, слайд 4

Spain is a country of mountain. The Spaniards have long grown excellent hunters, horsemen and travellers, because the mountain passes required the courage and endurance

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Spain, слайд 5

The Spaniards, mostly people are kind and emotional, they love football, dancing, fireworks, exhibitions, music and festivals.

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Spain, слайд 6

They love to have fun in the squares, walking in the parks, carefully considered once the Royal gardeners around the former Royal palaces, relax on the beaches, sitting by the fountains.

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Spain, слайд 7

The Spanish love children, care for them, give them lots of attention

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